Top 10 Dog Training Tips

Dogs too need proper care and they have to be tamed behavior wise. This saves you on embarrassments, lots of cleaning tasks and expenses caused by rowdiness. Here are the Top 10 Dog Training Tips you need to have to ensure a successful stay with your pet.


Prior planning

You need to put together everything that your dog will need and you as well. For instance, its food, a good buckle, a collar, a nylon leash, some wire tethers and if it is possible to get a training clicker, the better. Its environment should be convenient and you should have your house puppy proofed by removing chewable objects. Get a kennel.


Have a behavioral list


Good training is about the dog being well mannered all round. Bring together your family members and get a list of the desired behavior you all want for your dog. You can get knowledge from YouTube videos, from books and the trainers you can find near you. Teach your dog what you want it to do and work hard to correct the bad behaviors.


Communicate consistently


It is good to teach your dog to do what you want it to. If he makes a mistake like jumping over windows and furniture, make him lie on the ground before petting him.


Have expectations that are realistic


Dogs have their own learning paces and an older one can do what the smaller dog does and the opposite is applicable. Consider your dog’s emotional and mental abilities as you do your training.


Positivity is key


You should train while having fun. It isn’t necessary to physically punish your dog. What isn’t funny to you isn’t to your dog too. Stop training the dog if you feel agitated, angry and frustrated. Embracing positivity is less stressful. Maintain the right attitude.


Be patient


Get the behavior of the dog, add in a command and add the three Ds which are distraction, distance and duration in the baby steps as you train. In each situation, you need to train your dog with patience. They take time to learn and distinguish the good from the bad. Keep reminding the dog time after time.


Training sessions have to be short


At most, a single session should last 5 minutes. Two to three sessions apart in a day will be wise. This will improve their motivation and make it anticipate for the next session. Longer sessions make the dog bored and you might be wasting your time since its ability to grasp a thing will be minimal to zero.


Insist on a behavior you want


When your dog grasps a behavior and does it on their own without being instructed, be nice and reward it with some bran or a bone. Appreciating it improves their mannerism. When you catch her doing the right thing, pat it on the back, praise it or get a reward. The behaviors become established with time.


Make her do light jobs


Your dog can get doing a few simple jobs like home decorating with pillows, alarm systems, fire fighting, home security systems, gardening, and being an official greeter. Instruct it to do the duties.


Seek assistance


This might not be an easy task to do. Seek help from the family members in training your dog. The benefit is for the entire family. If you stay alone, get a dog trainer when you need help.